by Rick Reynolds
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What is "Gloriography?"

I set out a few years ago to capture God's glorious creation one day, one frame at a time. I coined this activity "gloriography," I dubbed myself the "gloriographer," and the images I would take "gloriographs".

My premise:  To whom belongs the "credit," the "cameraman" or the Creator? I  believe we need to give credit to whom it is due. God gets all the photo credit in my book.  Romans 1:19

While my job takes me to some pristine Florida properties, and I travel a bit, truth is, I will never get to see and shoot anywhere near what other landscape photographers do, but perhaps someday!

For now, I am buying up every opportunity to shoot that which I see on a day-to-day basis in beautiful Florida, or on occasional vacation and mission trips. On Gloriography you'll see  my edited shots on a particular theme or from a trip or event, but these are not necessary just my best images. I use this site to reminisce, not so much to showcase. There will be an occasional gem in there somewhere though! 

Over time, my passion has grown beyond the landscape genre to include street and journalistic photography. Actually, I try my hand at whatever meets the eye.  My wife, however, says I specialize in "things."

I shoot Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II with 12-40mm 2.8 and 12-100mm 4.0 lenses, mainly because I want a rugged, waterproof and most of all light kit. I use a MindShift Photocross 10 bag and Benro Travel Angel tripod.

Rick Reynolds